Small Saver's

Start small today to help them with big dreams tomorrow.

Educating kids about how to handle money responsibly at a young age can help build positive financial habits. Which can pay off big as they get bigger. And their grown-up dreams often involve grown-up money decisions. 

Features Included
Minimum Deposit to Open $10
No Monthly Maintenance Fee
Free Paper Statements
E-Statements Available
Financial Education Rewards
Birthday Rewards
Free Sweets
Automatic Savings Plan
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) {{savers_small_apy}}%

When Kids Learn, they Earn

Teaching kids about finance can be challenging, which is why LSB partnered with Banzai, an online financial literacy company that formats online educational courses like a video game!

When a Small Saver completes one of the financial courses, $20.00 will be deposited into their account if they bring a picture or a printed copy of the certificate into a bank branch. The interaction between your Small Saver and Bank staff is an important component of building positive financial habits.

Come Spin the Birthday Prize Wheel

Create a fun birthday tradition that your Small Saver will remember forever! During the month of the minor account holder’s birthday, they have the opportunity to visit the Bank and spin a wheel for a chance to win a gift card or real cash!  All gift card prizes support local businesses in the area.

Make it Easier for Your Kids to Save

Help teach your kids the value of saving by setting up an automatic savings plan, where their allowance can be automatically transferred into their account. By automatically having their allowance deposited into their Small Saver’s Account, you help prevent them from spending it carelessly. Watching their balance grow and seeing compound interest work will help them understand the importance of saving. 

*Minors on the account are eligible to receive this benefit once per year. Payments are subject to IRS 1099-INT reporting and may be considered income for the tax year in which the bonus is paid.

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