Tips to Prevent Card Fraud

Keep Your Debit and Credit Cards Safe from Fraud

You enjoy the convenience of "paying with plastic," whether it's with a debit or credit card. But despite their ease of use, you need to remain vigilant in your efforts to keep them safe from fraud. Here are some tips that you can "take to the bank" and help decrease the odds that you'll become a victim of card fraud.

  • Carry only the cards you need. Especially during the holiday season, be on the lookout for pickpockets. Leaving unnecessary cards at home will help limit exposure to fraud.
  • Keep credit/debit cards close. Never leave a wallet or purse unattended, as it only takes seconds for a thief to steal a wallet and all of the personal information it contains.
  • Never let a salesperson take your card out of sight. Skimming devices, which record card information, can be hidden in a hand or under a counter.
  • Don't lend out your cards. It may be more convenient to divide and conquer with friends or family members when trying to complete your shopping list, but once the card is out of your hands it's out of your control. Always check receipts against your statements to make sure there are no unauthorized charges. If anything looks fishy, report it immediately.
  • Make a list of card numbers, expiration dates, and the toll-free numbers of your financial institution. Keep this information in a safe place, separate from where you keep your cards. That way you’ll have this important information if you ever have to report your cards lost or stolen.
  • When shopping online, stick to reputable sites. Check to be sure the sites are secure by looking for web addresses with "HTTPS" in the address.
  • Avoid shopping online using public Wi-Fi since hackers can easily gain access to public networks to steal your information.
  • Don't respond to emails asking for personal financial information. These are likely phishing emails attempting to capture passwords, logins, credit card details, etc.
  • Always report lost cards and suspected fraud right away. The faster you react, the less damage can be done!

Has Your Card Been Lost or Stolen?

If you believe your card may be lost or stolen, be sure to report it to the bank immediately. You can reach us during regular business hours by calling (630) 852-3710.

If it's after hours or on the weekend, (866) GO Lisle - or (866) 465-4753 - and select Option 4, then Option 2 from the voice prompts. 

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