Fixed-Rate 2nd Mortgage

Access the equity of your home without refinancing your first mortgage

Need to borrow more money but happy with the terms of your first mortgage? You can avoid refinancing and losing the favorable terms on your first mortgage by getting a 2nd mortgage! Instead of the uncertainty of an adjustable 2nd mortgage, we offer you a fixed rate that remains unchanged for the life of the loan. To help you with your budgeting. And protect you from sudden increases in monthly mortgage payments if interest rates rise.

Plus, you'll enjoy the same benefits available with all our mortgage packages:

  • Fixed Rates - Avoid the uncertainty of an adjustable mortgage.
  • Mortgage Rate Security - Don't stress about changing mortgage rates with our 75-day mortgage rate lock AND you'll be eligible for a free mortgage rate float down if mortgage rates decrease. Call for details. 
  • Loan Modifications - While we offer great rates, there is still potential for them to decrease in the future and because we don't sell our loans, you are eligible to adjust the terms of your mortgage quicker and easier through our Loan Modification Program.
  • Relationship Focused - As a portfolio lender, getting a mortgage with us is more like a partnership than a business deal. Our experienced team works to ensure you get a mortgage you can afford and if faced with a hardship, we'll be here to listen. 
  • Commission-Free - Our Loan Officers aren't commission-based or distracted by quotas. Instead, they are focused on creating Relationships for Generations through honesty and integrity. 
  • Flexible - A square peg doesn't fit in a round hole! All credit decisions are based on your individual circumstances, not the secondary mortgage market guidelines. 
  • Portfolio Lender - LSB will service and hold the mortgage for the life of the loan.
  • Money stays local - To help build and improve the local community. 
  • Premium Customer Service - You talk to real people - not automated phone systems or call centers.

Account Details

  • Fixed Rate
  • Monthly Principal and Interest Payments
  • No Minimum Loan Amount
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