Deposit Operations

Over 100 Years of Service and Going Strong

You want a bank that has your back and is there when you need to talk to someone. While banking has changed drastically since 1917, there are two things that haven’t changed at Lisle Savings Bank in over a century of service. When you call us you get a person on the other end of the phone, and when you ask a question you get an answer. You'll find bankers who are local to the community, many of whom with decades of experience with LSB.

Providing Customers The Best of Both Worlds

Sure, you can get information on your accounts 24/7 using Online Banking or our EZ Bank telephone system, we take great pride in providing you with first-class customer care.

Please feel free to contact us during lobby hours whenever you have a question about your account. Whether you need to know which checks have cleared, verify your account balance, place a stop payment on a check, or reset your PIN, we’re here to help.

And while other banks may charge a fee for basic inquiries, you won't find that here at LSB. We consider calls from customers like you an opportunity to say thanks for your business. Refreshing, right? 

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